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-  Review and Advise our Clients on Potential Projects

-  Review and Advise on Contracts with Development Teams

-  Assist in Evaluation and Selection of Design Team

-  Review, Comment, and Approval of Preliminary Design Concepts


-  Single Point of Contact for Owner During Construction Process

-  Adviser for Selection Process of Materials and Finishes

-  Quality Control / Quality Assurance of Construction Project

-  Weekly Construction Project Reviews and Reports

-  Coordinator for Project Completion and Owner Move-In

-  Coordinator of Owner Training

-  Coordinator for Turn-Over of Warranties and Close-Out Documents 

-  Project Financial Status

-  Project Completion Status

-  Assessment of Expediting Log

-  Assessment of RFI Log

-  Assessment of Change Order Log

-  Assessment of Project Schedule

-  Assessment of Test Services Report

-  Construction Document Review


--  Zoning

-  Variances

-  Neighborhood Empowerment Zone Applications    

-  Building Permits

-  Discrete Land Acquisition

-  Governmental Relations:

         • City, County, and State Coordination for Support of Projects


-  Capital Fund Marketing

-  Project Marketing:

                   - Ground Breaking

                   - Topping Out

                   - Project Completion

-  Construction Document Review

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